What Are We?


New and exciting toys created in conjunction with an all new IP.

We intend to launch a new line of toys with the fiction to back it up.

Why should you care about our characters? Well they look cool, they transform, they’ve been described as “Transformers meets Terminator” by a few observers. If that’s not enough, we pledge to MAKE YOU CARE.

These toys don’t exist in a vacuum; they are part of a story we have been yearning to tell, which in turn is part of a larger universe. We intend to make you care about all our characters, and their stories, and ultimately the universe they live in.

“Unrustable Bastards” is just one part of the universe spanning “Robo Dominion Saga”, which we hope to be telling stories in for the next couple of decades.

We’re in this for the long haul, are you?