When? And while we are at it…..How?

The idea for this project is for it to be crowdsourced, through Kickstarter or another like minded online resource.




Because of that “how”, the “when” is a little harder to peg down.  We took the chance while we saw it, and announced this project a few months ahead of schedule at the awesome TFcon.  As such, we did not have a finished render of the combined robot and vehicle mode to show people, but even without that, the feedback was very, very strong.   We appreciate that.  We appreciate that a whole lot.

The truth is; this project will be made or fade depending on you guys, the fans.  We hear that a lot these days, but with this project it really is true.

Hopefully our past freelance work with companies such as Mastermind Creations and Mech iDeas show you all how strong our work ethic is, and how much we really care about the end product.  If you’ve enjoyed our previous efforts, then hopefully you’ll love this line.

But enough hyperbole.  We need to back it up, right?

EVERY WEEK, we will be on this blog updating everyone on the status of the project, what we’re working on, character development, story ideas, hopefully with an interesting mixture of artwork, CAD renders or even photos.  You can join us on here, or on our Facebook page and we encourage you to ask questions, we will do the best job we can to answer without giving too much away and jeopardising the project.

That’s all the artwork we revealed at TFcon used now, I guess the next time I post, we better have something new for you all to look at!