Updated Images and The Return of the Blog!

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As I’m sure many of you have seen on social media, we shared updated images of the Unrustable Bastards at TFCon in Toronto last weekend.  Big thanks to Colin, Ryan and all the guys on the TFCon staff for sharing our images in their always awesome third party panel, and big thanks to Daim Choc for sharing the images online and on TFW2005 straight after the panels.

Since then, the reception has been very positive with lots of people asking questions, and asking where they can see information if they don’t frequent social media, so we are dusting off the old blog.

Why the two year delay?

Put simply, Cassy Sark and the team are incredibly busy.  These are a labour of love and the paying work has to come first, but thanks to Cassy working on these (completely re-hauling the designs over the Christmas and New Year period during his free time), we now have a factory committed to working on these designs, to make them a reality.

In order to make them happen, we will be launching a crowd-sourcing campaign in the coming weeks. The campaign will be tiered so there is something amazing at all backing levels, and all seven members of the Bastards team will be available during the first campaign, although the focus will be on Iride; The Hero, and Burley; The Team Captain.  With a successful crowd-sourcing campaign, we will be able to concentrate on these full-time and see the project through to completion.

Please stay tuned for more information.  Shared below are the images already seen online, for anyone who may have missed them.

I’m sure you’ll agree, this design has come a long way since the original offerings, although the concept and mission intent has remained the same.

Thanks for your support; I’m proud to say that with your help, this will be going ahead.