The Product

The product is a fully transformable, Outlaw Motorcycle styled futuristic motorbike, which can combine with it’s rider to make a kick-ass robot.


Each package contains a 90mm tall figure with a fully transformable, ride-able vehicle.  The two can combine to become a larger robot that measures 190mm.


Each of the mainline retail product will come with swap-able parts to make our two main characters; Iride, or Road Captain Burley.  It comes with a selection of weapons and accessories.

Kickstarter backers have the option of buying the extra five Team-mates, giving you the option to buy the whole founding Tombstone Chapter of the Bastards motorcycle club.

As an extra option, we will also be releasing a customisable “Prospect figure”, where we encourage you to give your character a distinct look and back story.  We believe that the toy robot collecting fandom is made up of an incredibly rich, diverse and talented pool of people, and we want to tap into that and give you a chance to canonically contribute to the ongoing story of the Unrustable Bastards.  To that end, our favourite Prospect designs with the most imaginative back-stories will be “patched in” and assigned a chapter based on their locale.  You don’t just collect the models, you can become a contributing member of the Bastards.