A Faction of the Whole


The Unrustable Bastards – Outlaw Motorcycle Gang

An outlaw biker gang, responsible for various organised crimes among the outer worlds of the Robo Dominion Saga Universe.  The gang has been around for millennia, and their one-percenter attitude keeps them on the fringes of society.  They reject the ideology of the Oligarchy, and the laws of the Central System which constantly puts them at odds with the Enforcers and Police whenever they get to close to the central systems, or when the Oligarchy push towards the outer rim.



Originally the gang was just trying to get away from the central system and the laws of the Oligarchy when they headed towards the outer rim, but eventually survival and boredom led them to evolving into an Outlaw Club, and they spread across the outer colonies like wildfire.

The bond a Bastard has with his bike goes beyond that of a mere possession, or even family, it becomes something deeper and intrinsic to his core.

It takes a lot to be a Bastard, and if you want to get patched in, you’re gonna have to prove you’ve got what it takes.



The Yama-zukis.  – Street Rats

A street gang, more a rag-tag collection of friends and losers than the gang they project themselves as.  These guys are aimless, drifters, outcasts and wannabes.  Mechanical Generation-X’ers made manifest, imagine a thousand years of being a teenager?  You’d be pissed off too.



They mark their territory through tagging, and have taken graffiti to the next level with seditious street art.  They’re interested in any form of underground culture, on a planet with very little in the way of mainstream culture.  They have scrounged and foraged for materials to build their own motorcycles, and as such they come in an assortment of outlandish appearances; highly modified and heavily customized to express their individual personalities.

They have a long-running feud with the Bastards, which (depending on which member of each group you talk to) ranges from friendly street races, competing for small jobs here and there, to a full on life and death blood debt.

The Spector Rogues – Unrustable Bastards Offshoot and Rival Gang



A rogue offshoot of the Bastards.  Spector General, the leader of the Rogues, challenged for leadership of the Bastards when Brasso stepped down.  He thought the leadership was his, and when it fell to Burley he left the group for good. Taking a few members with him when he left, he has been recruiting off-world ever since, looking for anyone who has a grudge against the Bastards.


The Enforcers – Corrupt Wing of the Police doing the work of a powerful Elite



Wherever societies form, the concept of police becomes a universal inevitability.  Like in all societies, some of the police are well intentioned, some have ulterior motives, some are solely dedicated to the idea of promotion, some are lazy and want an easy life.  These robots are just people, like us.


The Enforcers are of a different stock.  Singular and dedicated to their purpose, they are little more than hitmen and thugs doing the bidding of The Oligarchy.