At the Beginning!

In a distant galaxy, all organic life is long extinct, the only remaining life is mechanical. After evolving and growing for millions of years, these beings have long since solved all energy problems due to a break-through in fusion technology, but the struggle for survival now comes in the form of parts and components.



A vast Oligarchy controls the central planets, including the flow of all information and all technology. For millennia the pattern has been repeated; find a new planet, extract its raw materials, price its natural inhabitants out of the market until they move off-world – destroying and destabilizing economies as they go – and continue until all resources are stripped bare.

The hand of this mighty Empire stretches ever outwards in the search for more materials, to the very edges of the galaxy and back, even to planets like Tombstone on the outer rim; a dirty back-water planet with little going for it.  A minor footnote in history were it not the birthplace of the founding chapter of the Unrustable Bastards; an Outlaw Motorcycle gang who’ve rejected the hierarchy of the Oligarchy and have controlled all illicit trade on the outer rims for as long as there were inhabitants in need of supplies; be they spare parts, illegal weapons or the Circuit Bending drug that some use to get high. To some they are villains, to some they are folk heroes, but they are respected by all.

A vast and corrupt Police Force do the bidding of the Oligarchy, and they’ve made their way to Tombstone, turning their sights fully upon the Unrustable Bastards after decades of grudging tolerance. Their propaganda attempts to sway public opinion against the gang, citing their more colorful crimes and activities as the reason for this sudden move against them, but the truth lays in a precious resource at the core of Tombstone, vital to the long-term profits of the Oligarchy.

To this end, the Police Force have conspired to take the Tombstone Chapter of the Bastards down from within, using their age-old tactic of divide and conquer.

As well as the law, the Bastards have to deal with the wild street-gang the Yamakuzis, who are more interested in street-racing than gun-running and drug-dealing, and a rival biker gang who are an off-shoot of the Bastards; The Spector Rogues.


An Outlaw motorcycle group, the one-percenters on the opposite end of the spectrum to the Oligarchs. They reject the ideology of the Oligarchy, and the laws of the Central System which constantly puts them at odds with the Enforcers and Police whenever they get to close to the central systems or the Oligarchy push towards the outer rim. Originally the gang was just trying to get away from the central system and the laws, hence going to the outer rim, but eventually survival and boredom led them to becoming an Outlaw Motorcycle Club, and they spread across the outer colonies like wildfire.