The Characters


The founding Chapter of the Bastards on a planet on the outer edges of the galaxy, they’ve been around as long as anyone can remember. Tombstone isn’t particularly valuable, or tactically important, but this is where the gang started and this is where the more stubborn members of the gang insist on staying.



Iride – Iride was previously a Prospect but left to do his own thing for a few years.  Typically rebellious attitude, just a few years past his teenage years (which means a few hundred years old in Bastard-land).  Iride hasn’t been patched yet, he’s in the next line of recruits ready to be considered. He has a beef with Axel who denied him his patch before in a previous Prospect trial.




Burley – Road Captain. The leader of the biker gang, and Iride’s sponsor. The decision for him to be leader was not a popular one, and it almost ended the Bastards, causing a rift in the group and a split in membership. As such he is overly-protective of the remaining Bastards, and quick to rise to a challenge to prove himself as a worthy leader still.




Hollister – Sergeant at arms. Came up through the ranks with Burley and is the most honest member of the team, true to his word, forthright, and loyal to a fault. If he says he will do something, consider it done.




Hazer – Road Lieutenant. It’s rumored he flunked out of the Imperial Army academy, although if it was ever proven he would be booted from the Bastards, as all military and police personnel are exempt from membership.  Loves a military structure, and is always keen to understand the hierarchy and see where people fit in. Doesn’t mind taking orders from his superiors, as long as he can issue orders to those beneath him.





Cholla – Treasurer. From a different chapter of the Bastards closer to the core systems. He’s used to a faster pace of life and the ways of a backwater planet like Tombstone frustrate him. Luckily he can amuse himself by wasting Yama-Zukis and Enforcers alike.



Hopper – Secretary of Offense. Hopper is the go-to mechanic and weapons expert. If a piece of tech goes wrong; he can fix it. If a weapon needs an upgrade; he can do it. If you want a conversation; go to someone else.




Axel – Soldier. Axel has never been promoted within the group. He feels he is persecuted for almost betraying the group to join the Spector Rogues, but the truth is he is just a pain in the ass who thinks the group owes him something for staying. Great to have on your side in a fight, but all too quick to find a fight to pick.



Road Rash – Prospect.  Like a brother to Iride as they’ve known each other for years, and used to ride together in the Yamakuzis.  He’s looking for respect and power, and he thinks he can find that as a member of the Bastards.

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Brasso – Former Chapter Captain. As the oldest member of the group, he was one of the first settlers on the planet when he was young and idealistic, and the first Bastard; the man who brought the colors to Tombstone and the Universe.  A grumpy, old ‘bot with an almost Soviet sense of pragmatism and a very dry sense of humor.  Abdicated leadership when it was due in favour of the younger Burley, choosing him over Spector. He’s never discussed why and is touchy about the subject. No longer rides, and as such no longer has a Bastard Cycle.