Get Patched In!

You can be a Bastard too!


This is where you – the fans – come in, as part of one of the most daring parts of our overall plan…

Tapping into the wealth of creative fans in the toy collecting world; customizers, artists, writers, designers and more, we are planning an extended universe for the Unrustable Bastards, who have chapters of their Outlaw club across the entire Robo Dominion universe.

When you buy a Prospect character, you’re invited to create a back-story and to customise the look of your individual figurine. The best of these will be “patched in” and will become an official part of the extended Unrustable Bastard universe, assigned a chapter based on their real-world location.

As the ranks of the bastards fill up, our fans are encouraged to create art, stories and even videos for these characters, and the very best will become Canonical, and published on our website as an official part of our wider story-telling universe – with full credit to the creators.