KickStarter Update #22 – Splashy Update

Hello backers!

Well, we’re into 2nd quarter 2017 and the current plan is still to ship these out during the 3rd quarter, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank our backers for their patience.

Everything is proceeding very well and we expect a testshot of the slightly upscaled production figure within the next 30 days.

As with all things, life if never smooth sailing and not long after the successful campaign our artist left for other ventures, we’d like to take this opportunity to wish Justin Holman the best with his future work, and welcome our new artist Bryan Sevilla, some of you may be familiar with his work on the Cross Dimension comics at Maketoys and the Warbot comics for Fans Project.

So what else is new? Well, we’re about to start design work on the second figure for the range (whole new design from the ground up), and the pitch for the comics is almost complete.

As a thank you, we thought we’d share the splash page for pages 2/3 from the first issue with you guys and gals.  Please tell us which logo you prefer.

Thanks Bastards!

Option A
Option B
Option C