KickStarter Update #23 – 3rd Quarter Update!

We’re in the third quarter now (by four days, Happy Independence Day to all!) so it’s definitely time for an update.

Where are things right now?

All the final colour choices and sprue separation have been completed, a few changes have been made to a few parts here and there for strengthening reasons or to help the mold draw (apologies for crude terminology, this is more Spencer’s area of expertise than mine!) and the final molds are currently being made, with production slated to begin shortly.  Exciting times!!!

Here’s a few images to show you the sort of subtle changes that have been made to the mold to increase stability for display and to help the alt. mode hold even more securely.

In terms of shipping we are still currently on target for this, the third quarter, however we will not have the items ready for this month’s TFCon Toronto and it seems very unlikely they will be ready for the UK’s TFnation in August. This is disappointing for us as we’d hoped to have them available at two of the biggest and best conventions of the season. If there are no problems with any of the test-shot prototypes following the last round of revisions then we aim to start shipping out right at the end of September.

Thanks so much for your support and for being on board, we hope to have our product in your hands very shortly, and make history as not only the first fully transforming toy robot project on Kickstarter, but as one that hopefully ships out on time too! Wish us luck.