Kickstarter Update #24 – Forget Winter – The Bastards are coming!

The good news is that Test-shot one is in hand and looks great, some of the more eagle-eyed among you may have spotted the test-shots on display at TFnation earlier this month. The feedback we had from fans was fantastic and people seem very excited and positive about the release, as we are. The few people who we allowed to hold it also seemed super excited.

The bad news is that Kickstarter isn’t allowing me to add photos to this update and I’ve been trying for a few hours now, so I’m just going to link to a gallery on TFW2005 and hope you can all see the pictures there. I’ll try another update with pictures tomorrow.

I’m pleased to say that Cassy and Spencer were also very happy with the test-shot, and despite us forgetting to bring hot-glue to pose the figurines, they managed to stay standing for the whole weekend with only a few bits of blu-tack on a few joints on the arms. Very impressive for a first test-shot, and those legs are SOLID.

So what’s next? We’re waiting for the TS2 to get in-hand, this should include tightened up joints on the shoulders and arms, extra ratchet joints for increased stability and a few design changes here and there for extra pegging and security in alt. mode.  We’re also plugging away with the comic and trying to find the right home for that, we hope to show you some soon.

We’ve excited the long empty highway and turned onto the final dusty dirt-track road of release for these bad boys, and it’s a road littered with announcements, photos and updates throughout the month of September, including a website update giving people the chance to grab one of the 9 unclaimed “850” level backer rewards, and a list of the retailers who backed the KS and will be stocking their exclusive character versions of these toys with the “Unrustable Bastard” branding a clear month before the regular “Unrustables” main release.

Watch this space!