Introducing Brasso

This is Brasso, seen here in Test-shot colours.

Former Chapter Captain.  As the oldest member of the group, he was one of the first settlers on the planet when he was young and idealistic, rumoured to be the first Bastard; the man who brought the colors to Tombstone and the Robo-Dominion Universe.  A grumpy, old ‘bot with an almost Soviet sense of pragmatism and a very dry sense of humor.  After damage in battle, Brasso can no longer ride his bike, and as such he followed the by-laws of the group and abdicated leadership in favour of the younger Burley, choosing him over the obvious choice of Spector, who later went rogue proclaiming himself Spector General. He’s never discussed why and is touchy about the subject. He whiles away his time as the bartender in the clubhouse of the Bastards.

All the parts necessary to make Brasso will be included with the Prospect pack at no extra cost, including the new arm, leg and head. You only get one body in the pack, so fill out the ranks of the Bastards with this major player from the Bastard storyverse, or create your own Prospect; the choice is yours!


Packaging Sample Tester


If you selected the Prospect add-on during the Kickstarter or joined the 850 Club, you don’t have to do anything extra to get Brasso, if you haven’t ordered a Prospect pack as yet, they are available to pre-order in the store now.