Kickstarter Update #35

I know we have not posted a KS update here for a while but here is the latest one as it is pretty important.

We would like to bring you a little information regarding the actual production of the Bastards.

As of now not all of the backer surveys have been filled out. If you are concerned about the address on file, not to worry, you have the ability to change your address closer to the delivery date if you need to but all backer surveys do need to be filled out as soon as possible. Thanks for your understanding.

Looks like the Bastards, Spector Rogues and Otomo are all being produced at the same time but still in order of their number, so MM01 the Bastards will be finished first, with MM02 Spector Rogue finished right after and then MM03 done after that. There will be about a month’s difference between the delivery dates of MM01 and MM03, so we are going to provide some options for our backers.

The great news is that MM01 and MM02 will be shipped together so if you had backed for any combination of these two figures along with their different colored prospects they will definitely ship together.

If you have an MM01 and and MM03 on your backer level, we will allow you to ship your MM01 separately [rather than waiting the extra month or so for MM03] but to do this we will require to cover the additional costs of the shipping.
If you have an Otomo in your order but you want MM01 shipped as soon as it’s ready, then we will need you to send us a quick email at saying that you want to ship your MM01 separate.

This goes for any package including an Otomo, such as the Otomo + Bastard, Triple Threat Bastard and any of the higher tiers. If we do not receive an email from your backer order by December 8th then it will be assumed that you want all your items to be shipped together at no additional cost. If you do want to ship all your items together then you do not need to do anything.

To reiterate: If you are want the Bastards / Spectors delivered as soon as possible and separate from the Otomo order, please be sure to email us by December 8th.

Another note that we really want people to understand about delivery is that your backer number does not have any bearing on when your delivery will go out. All backer orders will be delivered by Country and so each country will have batches of items being sent out and it will most likely take about 1 week for all orders to be packed and carted off to the postal outlets for delivery to your location. Please have patience with us while we go through this very difficult process of separating all orders and getting everything ready for shipment. All orders will include tracking and you will be send your tracking information as soon as possible. We all thank you for your patience while we get through the most anticipated part of this process. If you are wanting to have your order shipped separately to get 01 / 02 asap or if you have requested additional items through your backer survey, we will be going over each and every order next week and begin billing for any additions using Paypal.

If you do get a Paypal invoice and feel this is a mistake please message us with details and we will do what we can to clear it up. As always, everyone here with Mayhem Mekanics appreciates your support in this project and as we are nearing the end of this campaign, tensions can get high, especially as people’s orders start to arrive at different times.

Please bear with us as we finalize this difficult final piece of the puzzle and if you do have any questions or concerns you can get us here, on Facebook, on TFW or by emailing at

Many thanks,
-Spencer and the team.