MM03 – Otomo first look

Otomo, our unlocked character. Based loosely on a very popular anime that is quite well known in the 90’s. Otomo comes with fewer weapons and head but does have an exclusive sticker sheet with it that you can use to create your own Bastard version of the very popular red bike.

Here are some photos of the figure without any stickers on it at this time.

If you did back the Kickstarter and you are still interested in adding this to your order pledge please email us right away at to add this for $110 including the extra delivery charge or if you want to send your MM01/MM02 order out first you can add this for $115 including the later delivery charge. We will need to finalize all additions by Dec 18th.

If you are wanting this and were not part of the Kickstarter then I am afraid you will have to wait a little bit until the convention season of 2018.  Otomo will make his way to many different shows around the world so check in and see if it will show up at a show near you.