MM04 – The Prospect First Look

The prospect is ready for you to build and create your own potential Bastard. Available in both dark colors or light colors, the Prospect is ready for you to mix and match parts, add weapons, do your own colors and create characters that you can then put forth to the Bastard house for application into the Robo Dominion Saga.

Here we have images of the MM04a dark prospect figure as well as a few images of the MM04b, the lighter version. Both sets come with all the same parts which include the battle damaged Brasso parts, leg, pincer hand and cracked head. A full range of weapons is also included, such as pistols, rifles, sword, scythe and a blaster.

The fully poseable 3 3/4 inch figure is compatible with any of the full sets of Bastards, MM01, MM02 Spector or even MM03 Otomo so you can mix and match parts to create your own character and your own adventures.

Each set comes with all the parts to create Brasso, the former leader of the Bastards