Prototype vs. Final

So it has been brought up about the differences between the prototype and the final, not just actual changes to the mold but the paint applications as well. Color, style and details are all something that was applied to the Prototype that may or may not have made it to the final for many reasons, such as cost, such as ability, such as time.

I thought it would be nice to have a look at our Final figure compared to the original Prototype so it can be seen up close some of the differences, most obvious being the size of the figure. There are many other subtle differences as well as some major changes that maybe can’t be seen any different on the prototype but they are there. There are also many additional parts that have been added that were not included in the prototype such as the changeable leg panels, any of the Spector Rogue parts and the Brasso parts.

Take a quick look with us at the prototype compared to a final figure in high def details.


When in the bike mode it is pretty clear the difference in size. What can’t be seen are some of the additions that were added so the bike was more sturdy in the bike mode. Tabs added to the rear fender to hold the shoulders in place. Tab on the front windscreen to hold the front of the bike sturdy. The most noticeable change is the color of the front wheel. While the prototype was done in black, it was decided to do the front wheel in silver with the orange ring in an effort to break up the color in both bike mode and in combined mode.


While there is very little difference in the rider in casting from the prototype to the final, there are some major differences in paint color. Most of what you see on the prototype rider can be done and stay tuned with us for a few tutorials on how you can create these effects on your own figures and achieve this look without too much effort.


You can see here some of the differences a little paint can do to create different outlooks. With the dry-brushing on the rider’s legs it can create a very different look on the combined mode.

If you have any questions or concerns about these differences and how they effect you please feel free to send us an email at