The Bastards are coming……….

This is a quick message to let everyone know that the Bastards are indeed shipping out.

Very sorry for the late message but the regular backers and backers with the Spector Rogues have had their figures all sent out to them as of January 5th.  If you have an Otomo on your order and did not request the advance shipping then your Bastards are being held until the end of the month when we are expecting to see the Otomo arrive and will ship everything together. If you did request the advance delivery without Otomo then your backer package has also been sent out.

Unfortunately Tracking is another matter all together. Kickstarter does not seem to have any good system for sending out tracking numbers and so all tracking will be sent out manually over the next few days. Please refrain from emails or messages asking about tracking numbers as that will only slow down the process of getting everything sorted out on our end. Tracking will be provided for everyone and if you have not seen anything by Jan 12th by way of an email with tracking THEN email us at and someone will check on your status. Thanks for your cooperation with this and your understanding. It is a very big job for 1 person to take care of everything and so your patience is appreciated while it is getting taken care of.

When you do get your Bastard, we do want to know about it! Please use our Facebook page to post photos, video, audio or text with your thoughts on the Bastards. You can also use Twitter and tag us @TheUnrustables or you can post in our thread on TFW at

It is exciting to see this project to come to this phase and we hope that everyone is happy with their Bastards!