The Boxes – First look at in package photos

We have received our sample packaging and  have been able to test fit everything and now we will show you here what we have got.

MM01 – The Unrustables

Our standard release box. Comes with all the parts shown here and final box colors.

MM02 – Spector Rogues

The second figure in the Unrustables series. This is one of the villians for our Bastards, an offshoot of the bastards after Brasso chose Burley as captain.

You can make two figures out of this set, the Spector General or the Spector Lieutenant. Each come with different bike and rider heads and of course many different weapons to choose from.

MM03 – Otomo

The first unlocked character of the Robo Dominion Saga and the only exclusive we got from the Kickstarter. Otomo is a red version of the Bastard bike with a red and darker red driver. This set will come with a sticker sheet so you can custom your own bike and rider in any way  you like but for now you can check out the package pictures of this set.

Otomo will be a 2018 convention exclusive so keep your eyes open for a show near you where you can pick this guy up.