Spector Rogues Pack available for April

We have a special Spector Rogues Gift pack available only in April. You can now save over 20% on this set of 2 Spector Rogues base figures and 1 Spector Prospect pack.

This set is perfect for those who want to build their gang as each Spector Rogues figure you can create either Spector General or a Spector Lieutenant. Use the Prospect pack to further enhance your figure with alternate Prospect heads and additional chest panels for the combined mode.

The Spector Rogues Gift pack is also a great deal for those who want to do custom work as the white and grey pallet are ready for you to apply new paint and details to your figures. The prospect also adds further customization by giving options for the driver with alternate heads, weapons and chest panels.

This set will only be available at this discounted price for the month of April and then the deal will be gone. Act now while supplies last.

Spector Rogue Gang Pack