Update on the T1

We wanted to provide an update regarding the T1 Sample version of the Unrustables figure. We are very sorry for the delay in getting this info out to you. At this time we have been informed by the factory that they were not produced when they were intended and after a lot of run around and back and forth we have been informed that they are unable to run the mold any time soon for such a small amount of figures. Because of this we are planning on doing something interesting, keep eyes out for an announcement in the next few months but it does mean that the T1 likely won’t happen until later this year.

We know this is heartbreaking to hear and is as disappointing to us as it is to everyone who ordered one. We would like to reach out to everyone who placed an order and let them know that they are more than welcome to cancel your order for a full and complete refund if they do not want to wait any longer for this piece. If you are wanting to keep your order, again we more than welcome it and assure you that the plans to have this be created are still in place. Once we have a green light then we will provide more information at that time.

We of course want everyone to know that we really appreciate your support on this and without our followers this entire project would never have even happened and so that is why we are very sorry to have this happen in this manner.