T1 Sample Update

We want to thank everyone for their patience while waiting for our special exclusive T1 sample.

Unfortunately due to complications it looks like we will not be able to produce this item at any time soon. We understand the disappointment this will cause and we fully empathize as we ourselves are pretty upset about the whole situation.

We have added a new wallet feature on our site and will immediately credit everyone who has purchased a T1 sample to their account. At the same time we will add an additional 10% to that credit as a thank you for your patience and as an apology for this heartbreaking news.

We will also be contacting each and every person who ordered this figure with us and give them their options as well.

We will be doing 2 additional things to help elevate this situation:

1 – On November 15th we will be adding all our additional Otomo pieces to the site at the retail price of $139.99. This will be all of our remaining inventory and we will not have any left after this sells out. People who purchased the T1 will be able to use their credit on this figure if they still desire the Otomo.

2 – On December 15th we will be raffling our only 2 copies of the original T1 samples. We have 2 copies of it that are just about complete and for only $10 a ticket you can have a chance to own one of these two original samples. **These are samples and not final product so they are loose and do have differences compared to actual released product.**

You can get your tickets here: T1 Sample Raffle Tickets

All sales of this raffle will be sent to the Ronald McDonald’s International Children’s Charity where 87 cents of every dollar sent actually goes to the children in need.

We thank you for your patience in all of this. If you want to contact us directly you can use the contact us form or you can email us directly at info@mayhemmemkanics.com.

We have also added a video on Youtube in an effort to help explain everything.