The People

mayhem mekanics
Who are we?  We are Mayhem Mekanics.

Mayhem Mekanics are an experienced group of toy designers, writers and product managers specializing in creating new IP’s and bringing them to market. We have successfully worked with Mastermind Creations, iGear, Mech iDeas, Keith’s Fantasy Club, Fans Project, Make Toys, and many more to bring several toy products to market, and are now branching out with a completely new, wholly original transformable toy range.   We’re not just designers though, we have experience handling and distributing large orders and running crowd-sourcing campaigns. Experience counts, and we have it.
Our team:

Nick Calloway – Lead Designer.
Known to some as Cassy Sark, or perhaps as Mel Warner, Bal Dillinger or David Harland?  Nick is a freelance toy designer who has been incredibly busy the last five years, having worked on nearly one hundred different third-party toys, including the incredible popular Feral Rex and Hexatron for MMC and Transistor and Simba for KFC toys, as well as many more.  As a life-long fan of popular culture, toys, and giant robots, Nick is responsible for the concept, look and design of the Unrustable Bastards.

Spencer Wilson –  Factory Liason, Creative Consultant, Marketing.
After over 15 years on the frontline of retail selling Transformers, he moved on into actual manufacturing and distribution. He has a passion for transforming toys and robots ever since young, he looks at a figure more for what it is – not necessarily who it is – something to play with, something to handle, something to enjoy.  He spends spare time building Gundam and is rumored to even dreams robots in his sleep.  Currently works around the world as as Media Representative for Maketoys.

Sid Beckett – Head Writer, PR, Marketing.
Known perhaps best to the TF community as Ceno Kibble, Sid has written over 150 bios and pack-in comics for half a dozen 3rd party companies and has been heavily involved in the TF fandom in the UK for two decades.  He is also a published author with both digital and print novels available under the name C Z Hazard thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign. Co-creator of the Bastards, he worked with Nick to create the back-story and universe they inhabit, and is responsible for the ongoing story of the Unrustable Bastards, including character creation and pack-in comics.

Together, we intend to create new and exciting intellectual properties across a variety of media, including but not limited to; film, comics, animation and toys.