Introducing Brasso

This is Brasso, seen here in Test-shot colours. Former Chapter Captain.  As the oldest member of the group, he was one of the first settlers on the planet when he was young and idealistic, rumoured to be the first Bastard; the man who brought the colors to Tombstone and the Robo-Dominion Universe.  A grumpy, old ‘bot with …

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We’re pleased to announce our new look website and store are now live, accepting Paypal and Credit Cards.  If there is something you forgot to pledge for, or you missed an item that was unlocked late in the campaign, or if you couldn’t pay during the end of campaign window, or maybe you have friends who intended …


The Characters

TOMBSTONE CHAPTER OF THE UNRUSTABLE BASTARDS The founding Chapter of the Bastards on a planet on the outer edges of the galaxy, they’ve been around as long as anyone can remember. Tombstone isn’t particularly valuable, or tactically important, but this is where the gang started and this is where the more stubborn members of the …

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KickStarter Update #11 – FINAL WEEK UPDATE – HUGE NEWS

FINAL WEEK UPDATE – HUGE NEWS Click above to go to the campaign update FIRST STRETCH GOAL UNLOCKED   RETAILER PLEDGE LEVELS   SLIGHT REBRANDING LOWER STRETCH GOAL – $70,000 – OTOMO ADD-ON – WEAPON PACKS COMING SOON We’re still working the details on this so bear with us for a full update. WIP pictures …

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Kickstarter Update #6 – 1/18th scale comparison pictures

The much requested 1/18th comparison pictures are here. After hearing feedback from the fans, we have plans to modify the final project slightly, with a roughly 2% scale-up to allow 3&3/4inch figures to sit more comfortably on the bike (as you can see, this isn’t a problem with the majority of figures, but it will …

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Get Patched In!

You can be a Bastard too!   This is where you – the fans – come in, as part of one of the most daring parts of our overall plan… Tapping into the wealth of creative fans in the toy collecting world; customizers, artists, writers, designers and more, we are planning an extended universe for the Unrustable …

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Robot Mode Prototype Photo Drop

In hand prototype photos, on display at TFNation 2016. Not completed pegged together due to the nature of prototypes, so the head is a bit floaty, this will of course be rectified before release.