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Fuel is Pumping Engines

So this is a closer look at how the driver becomes the chest at the heart of the combined mode. There are obvious comparisons to the power master / breast master gimmick, but without this, the figure doesn’t work, it’s not just an additional add-on which presses down a button to allow transformation.  The entire …

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Why Unrustable Bastards

The easy to explain concept pitch is “Sons of Unicron”.  The reality is far, far more detailed.   As Lucas did when he created “Star Wars”, and as the Wachowski Siblings did when they created “The Matrix”, we’ve looked at all our favourite media and influences over the past five decades while creating this project.  …

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What Are We?

New and exciting toys created in conjunction with an all new IP. We intend to launch a new line of toys with the fiction to back it up. Why should you care about our characters? Well they look cool, they transform, they’ve been described as “Transformers meets Terminator” by a few observers. If that’s not …

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