The Crowd Funding

KickStarter Update #7 – Live from London

For our British Bastards, if you’re in or around London, consider popping into the amazing Orbital Comics to check out the Unrustable Bastard prototype in person! Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Pinterest Reddit

Kickstarter Update #6 – 1/18th scale comparison pictures

The much requested 1/18th comparison pictures are here. After hearing feedback from the fans, we have plans to modify the final project slightly, with a roughly 2% scale-up to allow 3&3/4inch figures to sit more comfortably on the bike (as you can see, this isn’t a problem with the majority of figures, but it will …

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KickStarter Update #5 – First Week Update

Well blimey, that week went fast! We currently stand at 63% backed, with 205 amazing people backing our dream for an all new toyline.  Fantastic. Things have slowed down the last couple of days, which is perfectly natural and in keeping with the lifespan of any Kickstarter campaign.  We are not unduly worried.  It’s a …

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KickStarter Update #4 – “I BACKED THE BASTARDS” Image

Want to share loud and proud that you Backer the Bastards?  This image is intended for use on social media, and is also formatted to be the perfect file size for use as a TFW2005 signature. This post is only visible to backers. So use the image and declare your loyalty. Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn …

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KickStarter Update #3

Just to make things easier, and due to popular demand, we’ve added a new reward: Bastard Plus One This reward includes the full figure / bike and rider, and the additional Prospect Rider as well.  It’s the same price as the Full Figure and The Prospect rewards, but without you guys having to go through …

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KickStarter Update #2

Amazing guys and gals, amazing. We’re 50% of the way there.  If we continue like this, I am confident we’ll hit funding, and hopefully unlock the Spector Rogues Stretch Goal as well. Thanks so much for your support.  We’ve worked extremely hard developing these to make sure they are as good as we can be, …

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KickStarter Update #1

We’re very close to quarter of the way there, in just 8 hours. That’s awesome. Thanks so much for backing. We’re still a looong way from the goal-line, and even further from the homagey stretch goals, so please help us out by sharing and talking about the product line and the campaign to all your …

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Kickstarter is Live

KICKSTARTER IS LIVE.  CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT. Please back, like, share, tweet, support, sacrifice your 1st born. Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Pinterest Reddit

The Crowd Funding

NOW LIVE   Click here for campaign.   PRESS RELEASE – Mayhem Mekanics present Unrustable Bastards. Mark your calendars – 22nd October 2016 Mayhem Mekanics are pleased to announce that their Kickstarter campaign for their new, fully transformable robot toy-line Unrustable Bastards goes live on Saturday October 22nd 2016, at TFcon in Chicago! Representatives …

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