A Faction of the Whole

The Unrustable Bastards – Outlaw Motorcycle Gang An outlaw biker gang, responsible for various organised crimes among the outer worlds of the Robo Dominion Saga Universe.  The gang has been around for millennia, and their one-percenter attitude keeps them on the fringes of society.  They reject the ideology of the Oligarchy, and the laws of …

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At the Beginning!

In a distant galaxy, all organic life is long extinct, the only remaining life is mechanical. After evolving and growing for millions of years, these beings have long since solved all energy problems due to a break-through in fusion technology, but the struggle for survival now comes in the form of parts and components.   …

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Robot Mode Prototype Photo Drop

In hand prototype photos, on display at TFNation 2016. Not completed pegged together due to the nature of prototypes, so the head is a bit floaty, this will of course be rectified before release.

The Product

The product is a fully transformable, Outlaw Motorcycle styled futuristic motorbike, which can combine with it’s rider to make a kick-ass robot. Each package contains a 90mm tall figure with a fully transformable, ride-able vehicle.  The two can combine to become a larger robot that measures 190mm. Each of the mainline retail product will come with …

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Fuel is Pumping Engines

So this is a closer look at how the driver becomes the chest at the heart of the combined mode. There are obvious comparisons to the power master / breast master gimmick, but without this, the figure doesn’t work, it’s not just an additional add-on which presses down a button to allow transformation.  The entire …

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