Arsenal Assortment


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A full assortment of weapons for your Unrustables figure, or for your Rogue or even just for using on any other bots out there. All weapons are either a 5mm peg or a 3mm peg and so are compatible with many types of figures.

In this set you get:

2 large rifles
2 large pistols
1 large grenade gun
1 large saw weapon
1 large chainsaw gun
1 large sword
1 large axe
1 small pistol
1 small rifle
1 small scythe
1 small sword
1 small beam gun
2 cracked chest plates (works on any of the full size Mayhem Mekanics Prospects figures)
2 smooth chest plates
2 circle chest plates
2 vent chest plates
2 line detail chest plates

All weapons are painted and ready for use.