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Leader of the Spector Rogues. Challenged Burley for leadership of the Tombstone chapter of the Unrustables but lost. Broke off from the original Bastards to create his own Outlaw gang and continue to fight the Unrustable Bastards any chance he can get.

Uses a modified version of the Unrustable Bastards bike done in whites and grays.

Spector General comes with 1 bike, 1 rider and the following accessories:

  • 1 large Specter General head and 1 large Specter member head
  • 1 small Specter General head and 1 small Specter member head
  • Large rotating saw weapon
  • Very large blaster
  • large axe
  • small scythe
  • 2 small shotguns

** images are only 3D renders and test shots at this time and are not final. Final product may vary.