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There was a lot of interest in our T1 sample when we first showed it. People really liked the purple and grey and so we have discussed this with the factory and they have allowed us to create a very limited number of these purple versions for purchase.

Of course the actual T1 sample was very loose and kind of messy but this will be a final product, only done in the base T1 colors of purple and grey. There will be no paint on this figure but it will come with all the same parts as our standard figure, so you have all the parts to create Burley or Iride. Weapons of this set will be done in Black and so you will have black rifles, black pistols and black chainsaw gun as well as the black small pistols for the rider.

This set is limited to only 30 pieces and will not come in a box. All the parts will be packaged in bags and will be shipped as such. This is a preorder at this time but will ship around the same time as the MM03 will be shipping so some time in early January.

** All images are of the T1 Sample. Final product may vary but should be very close to this. **