Kickstarter Update #6 – 1/18th scale comparison pictures

The much requested 1/18th comparison pictures are here.

After hearing feedback from the fans, we have plans to modify the final project slightly, with a roughly 2% scale-up to allow 3&3/4inch figures to sit more comfortably on the bike (as you can see, this isn’t a problem with the majority of figures, but it will just make it much easier), this will also upscale the actual Rider figure the extra fraction of an inch to a traditional 3&3/4 size.  2% doesn’t sound like much, but sometimes it can make a big difference.

We appreciate the feedback we’ve received from the 1/18th community and this is something we felt we could accommodate with any drawbacks; it doesn’t affect the final product in any way or damage any scale target, and this way the product targets both transforming robot fans and the 1/18th crowd.

Thanks for your support this far!

ub-blank-ks-2 ub-blank-ks-3 ub-blank-ks ub-deadpool-ks-1   ub-deadpool-ks-4 ub-deadpool-ks-5