Axel – TFSource

Axel Exclusive through TFSource Axel – Soldier. Axel has never been promoted within the group. He feels he is persecuted for almost betraying the group to join the Spector Rogues, but the truth is he is just a pain in the ass who thinks the group owes him something for staying. Great to have on …

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Chollo – Big Tin Robot

Chollo Exclusive through Big Tin Robot Chollo – Treasurer. From a different chapter of the Bastards closer to the core systems. He’s used to a faster pace of life and the ways of a backwater planet like Tombstone frustrate him. Luckily he can amuse himself by wasting Yamakuzis and Enforcers alike. The Chollo exclusive will …

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Hopper – The Chosen Prime

Hopper Exclusive from The Chosen Prime Hopper – Secretary of Offense. Hopper is the go-to mechanic and weapons expert. If a piece of tech goes wrong; he can fix it. If a weapon needs an upgrade; he can do it. If you want a conversation; go to someone else. The Hopper exclusive will come with …

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Prototype vs. Final

So it has been brought up about the differences between the prototype and the final, not just actual changes to the mold but the paint applications as well. Color, style and details are all something that was applied to the Prototype that may or may not have made it to the final for many reasons, …

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So……How tall is he?

As we get closer and closer to delivery, people are thinking about where they will put these guys and how the stack up in their collection. We have a few photos for you to help you give an idea of scale and size and how it may or may not fit into your shelf space.

Kickstarter Update #35

I know we have not posted a KS update here for a while but here is the latest one as it is pretty important. We would like to bring you a little information regarding the actual production of the Bastards. As of now not all of the backer surveys have been filled out. If you …

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Color Test Shot Shown

We have received a test shot in the plastic colors to confirm the colors we will be using. This test shot has the colors of the bike and the colors of the Specter General rider.

Kickstarter Update #24 – Forget Winter – The Bastards are coming!

The good news is that Test-shot one is in hand and looks great, some of the more eagle-eyed among you may have spotted the test-shots on display at TFnation earlier this month. The feedback we had from fans was fantastic and people seem very excited and positive about the release, as we are. The few …

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