The Crowd Funding

Kickstarter Update #35

I know we have not posted a KS update here for a while but here is the latest one as it is pretty important. We would like to bring you a little information regarding the actual production of the Bastards. As of now not all of the backer surveys have been filled out. If you …

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Kickstarter Update #24 – Forget Winter – The Bastards are coming!

The good news is that Test-shot one is in hand and looks great, some of the more eagle-eyed among you may have spotted the test-shots on display at TFnation earlier this month. The feedback we had from fans was fantastic and people seem very excited and positive about the release, as we are. The few …

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KickStarter Update #23 – 3rd Quarter Update!

We’re in the third quarter now (by four days, Happy Independence Day to all!) so it’s definitely time for an update. Where are things right now? All the final colour choices and sprue separation have been completed, a few changes have been made to a few parts here and there for strengthening reasons or to …

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KickStarter Update #22 – Splashy Update

Hello backers! Well, we’re into 2nd quarter 2017 and the current plan is still to ship these out during the 3rd quarter, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank our backers for their patience. Everything is proceeding very well and we expect a testshot of the slightly upscaled production figure within the next 30 …

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KickStarter Update #21 – New Interchangeable Chest Designs

As the project developed and we gained more traction, backers and fans, we started to feel that we needed to do more to give the look of each team member some individuality other than their head sculpts. To this end, Cassy has been hard at work and has come up with this design feature to …

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KickStarter Update #20 – Patched In

Hey everyone, hope you had a great Holiday Season and a Happy New Year! We have a huge update coming next week, showing you our options for increased customisation and variation, exciting stuff! In the meantime we just got the proof of this in and we thought we’d show you all straight away!